Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are your rates and how are they determined?
Rates will vary from customer to customer. Each customer has unique needs. Our goal is to meet your needs cheaper than what you are currently paying. A determination of your needs along with some trial trailers is all that is needed to establish fair and competitive rates that can be agreed upon.

2. How do you charge if not by the hour?
We charge by the trailer load which means no charges to you for overtime labor. Customized rates are agreed upon per trailer and invoiced each week.

3. Why use Triad Loading Services rather than a Temporary company?
Our staff is compensated by production which provides motivation to get the job done quicker. We experience very little turnover which increases product familiarization as well as dependable and experienced labor.

Flexibility is crucial in meeting our customers needs. No matter your volume or lack thereof, we strive to provide the right amount of labor to meet your needs on a daily basis.

On site supervisor who is there to coordinate your needs with our labor. This person is there to work on the floor with our other associates and to ensure the job gets done.

We are fully insured with both General Liability and Workers Compensation. If we have an injury we deal with it.

4. Can we use your service in addition to another?
Absolutely! We realize you will not want to risk losing your existing labor until you know for sure that the new labor can get the job done and at the right price.

5. Can we try your service out?
Yes, you really have nothing to lose and very much to gain. Try us out by allowing us to do a few trailers. Judge for yourself our speed, accuracy, and price.

6. Why do you think you can provide your service cheaper than what we are currently paying?
Lack of overhead and middle management translates into cheaper rates for our customers and higher incentives for our associates.

7. Would you consider hiring some of our temporary employees if we use your service?
Under certain circumstances this may prove to be a win-win situation for all parties. If the employees were exceptional at their jobs and familiar with your operations, it may be a good fit. It would be good for the employee as well with a great opportunity to earn a higher income.

8. Can you bill the trucking companies instead of the distribution centers?
Yes, some distribution centers are set up this way. We can bill either party. Most grocery store distribution centers operate this way. We can work directly with the trucking company if need be. Even if the distribution center pays for the shipping/receiving charges, there may be times when the trucking company could be responsible for certain charges. If a trailer load comes in with a prior stop that has fallen, he may choose to hire us to restack it so that the DC can get their freight on.

9. How long has your service been in business?
We operated as a sole-proprietor from 1997 to 2003. January 1, 2004 we were incorporated.

10. Do you charge for your down time between trucks?
No, absolutely not. We are only paid for what we do.

11. Why floor load a shipment if it will fit on pallets?
The labor cost to floor load will be cheaper than the price of the pallets going out the door.